Participant's reviews



1. Kamil TUCEK (The Netherlands, EC, Petten)
“I would like to reciprocate my sincere appreciation to all your colleagues for the very fruitful conference, your kind hospitality, and help. All the arrangements were very convenient and I am very grateful for the invitation and the unique opportunity to visit, on the side of the conference, the Moscow Kremlin. The side meetings of the GIF LFR System Steering Committee and of the Euratom-Rosatom cooperation on LFRs have been very fruitful as well. I am hoping to have an opportunity to attend the next ISTC NIKET-2018”


2. Zohreh GHOLAMZADEHI (Iran)
“The conference was really useful and well-organized. I wish the best for your institute”


3. Hubert SCHOELS (Germany)
“Thank you for the excellent organization and performance of this conference.
Concerning about the conference in more detail:
1.   I found the first video-sound technique which worked flawless during the conference! I was impressed by this excellent functioning technique! Clear voices, clear  and large presentation pictures.
2.   The easy to operate screen from the speakers desk, which immediately was supported by an aid who instructed the speaker at the very beginning and if necessary during the speech
3.   Impressive for me was the discipline of the speakers and the moderators as regards the length of the individual contribution. This was the case in the plenum as well as in the individual sessions.
4.   Transport: When I came out of the Metro, a NIKIET-mini-Bus with the label “Conference” was waiting for me and others at the corner. How comfortable!
5.   The catering was perfectly organized and of good quality
6.   The various breaks where timely well placed and the duration was optimal.
7.   The conditions to talk to everybody during the break were appreciated by all including myself
8.   What could be done better on the next conference? Nothing. I think, what I have seen and experienced was optimal
9. The social program.
My warmest thanking for all around the conference and to all who made it possible!”


4. Vladimir LEBEDEV (France, OECD-NEA)
“I hope to attend your next Conference and make more contribution. Also I will inform my colleagues from other divisions about this conference and its topics. Probably, participation of NEA representatives in you Conferences will be regular and various”.


5. Sheng GAO (China)
“Thanks so much for your nice organization and warmly reception for our collegues and me. It is really a good chance to exchange information and to seek any possible collabration with institute.If possible, we would like to invite you and your collegues give a visit to China, to our institute”.


6. Richard KAMENDJE (IAEA)
“I have enjoyed it a lot and, in particular, the fact that thermonuclear fusion was part of the topics discussed this time”.


7. Jan HASCIK (Slovakia)
“First of all, I would like to thank you and your colleagues for perfect organised 4th International Scientific and Technical Conference”.


8. ФОКОВ Юрий Григорьевич ("ОИЭЯИ-Сосны" НАН Беларуси)
«Выражаю свою искреннюю благодарность…всем сотрудникам Оргкомитета МНТК НИКИЭТ-2016, принимавшим участие в создании комфортных условий всем участникам конференции. Условия для проведения презентаций на секции 2 «Ядерное топливо и новые материалы» были исключительно превосходными и доброжелательными. Безусловно, за этим стоит и большой труд руководства НИКИЭТ имени Н.А. Доллежаля. Организация перерывов на кофе вне всякой критики: превосходно. Особая признательность за организацию экскурсии в Московский Кремль 29 сентября. Не скрываю того, что очень желаю участвовать в МНТК НИКИЭТ-2018».


9. ТАЖИБАЕВА Ирина Лашкаровна (Казахстан)
«Все было изумительно: программа, логистика, экскурсии, вкусная еда и отличное вино! Замечания свои я уже сказала: уделить внимание стендовым докладам, если их будет достаточное количество. У нас в Национальном Ядерном Центре появилась несколько лет назад хорошая традиция - проводиться стендовые доклады с пивом, так называемая «пивная секция». Все приходят на стенды с удовольствием, начинается живое обсуждение, снимаются языковые барьеры. Можно также установить премии за лучшие доклады: самому молодому участнику, новые идеи и технологии, spin-of технологии и оригинальное нестандартное применение ядерных технологий  и пр. Поддерживаю также предложение о новой секции – «Материалы ядерных и термоядерных реакторов», так как это головная боль, особенно в термоядерном синтезе».