JSC (Joint Stock Company) "NIKIET" is incorporated into the integrated company JSC "Atomenergoprom" which has consolidated civilian enterprises of the Russian nuclear industry and ensures complete cycle of production in the field of nuclear power generation including uranium mining, construction of nuclear power plants and electricity generation. "Atomenergoprom" in its turn is incorporated into the State Atomic Energy Corporation "ROSATOM".

Nowadays, NIKIET is one of Russia’s major nuclear design and research centers with a primary focus on reactor technologies. The Institute develops designs of advanced and innovative power reactors, including those for regional power supplies, research and isotope production reactors, and neutronic systems for the international fusion reactor (ITER), carries out the scientific and technological support for the RBMK NPPs operation, as well as develops and supplies integrated computer-aided reactor instrumentation, control, protection, diagnostic and other systems.

NIKIET is a multidiscipline R&D organization with a staff of over 1600, most of whom are highly-skilled specialists.

The Institute's outputs are:

  • Civil power propulsion plants;
  • Nuclear power facilities for nuclear plants of various types and purposes;
  • Nuclear research and isotope reactors;
  • Neutronic systems of the ITER thermonuclear reactor;
  • Automated control systems for nuclear power reactor facilities;
  • Metal monitoring and diagnostic equipment for nuclear plant components and pipelines;
  • R&D in the field of structural materials, nuclear safety, radioactive waste handling and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, particularly according to the program for comprehensive industrial disposal of nuclear-powered submarines.